Anti-Bullying Week 2013

This is an unusual post on my behalf as the story below is purely fictional, however I entered a writing competition for Anti-Bullying Week 2013, where entrants are required  to describe their vision of a world where young people have taken control of cyberspace – and got rid of bullying for good, so I thought I would post that on here…

I believe that cyber-bullying has increased in recent days due to increased usage of certain social networking sites such as Askfm. For those of you who may not know what Askfm is, it is a website where people can say anything to users, with their names showing or anonymously. As you can imagine, this has allowed bullies to think that they can say whatever they want because they know that no-one may ever find out who they are.

If you read my post about the first day I wore the headscarf, then you will remember that I mentioned something about making a few mistakes last year, this included getting into a dispute with another girl. Anyway, the aftermath of this was that the immature, ignorant males of my year group used it as an opportunity to send me ‘hate’ on my Askfm account. You may note how I called it sending ‘hate’ instead of bullying, well, I guess the reason is because I didn’t feel that it was bullying. It was a group of boys who I believe had nothing better to do with their lives than stay on Askfm all day and say things anonymously that they would never have been able to say to my face, ever. This therefore proved to me that how in fact I had one on them as it didn’t have the effect that they wanted to have on me because I was still happy  😀

Anyway, enough about me, although the story below is pure fiction, I would like to stress the fact that situations like this do arise, but you have to be strong and not let it get to you!

As I had to describe a world where cyber-bullying was destroyed for good, I said the only way to do this was to take serious action against these anonymous internet bullies.

Enjoy reading  🙂

This was it. It was over. Done. No more!

Words couldn’t contain my excitement, my emotions. 3 years. 4 months. 5 days. I waited for this day, and now aged 17, it was all coming true.

‘Kill yourself, you stupid ugly girl!!’

I remembered back to these words that were from an anonymous user on askfm. I remember thinking. Why me? What had I done to deserve this? Why me?

I remember how close I was to being in my grave.

How close I was to hurting myself.


Because these cyber-bullies told me to.


If I had given them the satisfaction of my death then I would not be alive to see this glorious day.

The day when all internet ‘anonymous’ bullies were exposed.



The historic day when askfm revealed a document naming and shaming ALL internet bullies that were using the website as a means of sending hate to people, anonymously.

They thought they would never be caught. They thought they could get away with it.

They were wrong.

Because they were finally exposed.

This however would not have happened if hundreds and hundreds of teenagers did not gather outside the headquarters in Latvia for days upon end. Enough was enough! Bullying could no longer be tolerated!

Are we not human too? How long could we have let these heartless bullies silence us with their words?

We have a voice!

It was no surprise to see the long list of names.

However, the British Government were gobsmacked to see the number of British cyber bullies.

They felt like they just had to take action.

So that’s just what they did.

Not only did they fine every single Brit on that list a minimum of £1000 which had to be paid by themselves only. No parents or guardians were allowed to help them. Furthermore, they just gained themselves criminal records, considering most of these bullies were petty teenagers; they were pretty much destroyed for the rest of their lives!

Should have thought twice before cyber-bullying vulnerable people, eh?

Just when we thought that was it, the Government passed a new law that all social networking sites would be monitored vigorously by a team of IT specialists and anything hurtful or disrespectful (even if it’s anonymous) will have immediate action taken against it. So a criminal record would be the least form of punishment.

Justice was finally served.

No more bullies.

Ever again.

‘Kill yourself, you stupid ugly girl’

They said.

Who’s laughing now.