Animals or Humans?

I wrote this on my phone a few weeks ago now but didn’t get the chance to post it – I’ve just copied it below without changing the time frame as I feel it’s more authentic that way.


As I was on my usual morning commute to work in the busy rush hour I was flipping through the Metro newspaper (a free ‘tabloid’ available at every station in London, England) to save me from the prospect of standing with my head in someone’s armpit for 45 minutes.

On the early pages of the newspaper, Metro had a reaction story over the front page headline in yesterday’s copy.

I don’t normally express my emotions over articles outwardly in public but I was absolutely astounded at these two articles over the past two days that I could feel my mouth opening in awe before quickly realising how stupid I must have looked.

In a nut shell, the articles were about an American dentist who hunted animals in Africa and because of this is facing a lot of back lash from members of the public who reportedly ordered him to be ‘hung’ Whilst I understand that it is not right to hunt animals but it’s the reaction surprises me!

I know my next statement will be a rather controversial one – but if people reacted this way about other children/people dying mercilessly in all parts of the world, the way they care about animals then this world would honestly be a better place.

This isn’t the only case that comes to mind whilst writing this post. Those from England, will remember that on (enter date) in a place called Manchester, England, a dogs home got burnt down. The people got together and raised £1.2million to re build the home for the dogs. This shows how caring some people are and how thoughtful they are for the disadvantaged dogs who were now homeless. If we can be so generous towards animals then why not other fellow humans who are less fortunate and disadvantaged.

According to Oxfam, the world’s 100 richest people earned a total of $240 billion in 2012 – which is essentially enough money to end extreme poverty worldwide four times over. Something can actually be done to solve this.

Now, don’t get me wrong just because I don’t have a particular ‘connection’ with animals – it doesn’t mean that I’m looking down at people who do actually have a good relationship with animals. Neither am I saying that nothing is being done – all I’m saying is that more can actually be done.

I guess that can be said about anything and maybe it’s just me, but it really annoys/frustrates me that people seem to care more about animals that they do about other people.

Perhaps it’s just the sad way of the world.

NB. I am not generalising here so please do not get me wrong. This blog was created for me to express my opinions and this is just one of them. My intention was and is not to offend anyone. Apologies if I have.


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